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Dedicated to the sort and classification of second hand clothing.
Who is Pacinca?
Who is Pacinca?
We are in Poshmark
Tropical Mixed
Tropical Mixed for everyone
What are Big Bales?
Big Bales?.... Yay!
Plus Size
Every type of clothing for all your curvy needs at a great VALUE

PACINCA sorts and grades hundreds of thousands of pounds every week. We export all types of used clothing grades for your market, very carefully  processed by our skilled and experienced staff, to ensure and maintain our quality standard.
Our strength is working with containers. We load over a 26,204.00 kg (540 bales of 100 pounds) in a 40' container and 12,480.00 Kg (220 bales of 100 pounds) in a 20' container.

 Buying Process

STEP 1: After receiving the detailed information of the clothes bales and clarifying all the doubts, the customer indicates his order.

STEP 2: We prepare a possible Proforma-Invoice for the client to approve in this process we work together. We can recommend the way to send to the different countries and also the shipping company that can use it so that you can quote with them and they, in turn, give you all the information corresponding to the process.

STEP 3: We work on a deposit of 30% of the value of the order, then we will give you a possible date that your order will be ready, this will depend on the orders that we have in process and the complexity of your order.

Orders are sought to achieve, if not equal to the proforma very similar.

NOTE: If we have problems with production because the articles are not coming out, we will notify you immediately, with the intention that you can help us with some changes or give us a little more time in production. With this, we make the exception because from the preform to the final invoice there may be some change for the aforementioned. Of course, the information you will know in advance to approve.

STEP 4: When the order is ready, we will inform you so that the shipping company can come to pick it up. It is important for us to notify you that We do not deliver any orders if we are not clear to which company will withdraw the order and if not paid in full.

STEP 5: Loading process: During this process, we send you photos to somehow be present with us in the container loading. For us, it is very important that you know well what you will need to get your merchandise from customs, so that we are aware of all the documents you will need in time, preferably at the time of placing your order.

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