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Dedicated to the sort and classification of second hand clothing.
Who is Pacinca?
Who is Pacinca?
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PACINCA sorts and grades hundreds of thousands of pounds every week. We export all types of used clothing grades for your market, very carefully  processed by our skilled and experienced staff, to ensure and maintain our quality standard.
Our strength is working with containers. We load over a 26,204.00 kg (540 bales of 100 pounds) in a 40' container and 12,480.00 Kg (220 bales of 100 pounds) in a 20' container.

Terms and Conditions of Sales

We have established policies for sales of our merchandise.  They comprise the terms and conditions for all sales.  Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions in the policies below before making any purchases. You should be aware of the terms and conditions of sales.

Pacinca sorts and grades hundreds of thousands of pounds of recycled merchandise every week. We sell all types of used/ recycled clothing grades to meet the demands of your market. Our skilled and experienced staff carefully process your order to ensure and maintain our standard quality.

The following terms and conditions apply to all sales by us to our customers.

1. Description of Merchandise

We sell used recycled clothing, shoes and purses.  The clothing is sold “as is” without representations and warranties. The clothing is classified in different categories and qualities for purposes of pricing.

Premium: Quality where more new pieces and recognized brands appear. Modern styles, fashion and bright colors are on display.

Special AAA #1: The pieces look very good or like new, some may have their original price tag. It is the best quality in the A bales. Different styles, fashions and recognized brands, as well as bright colors are displayed.

AAA#1 & AA#2 (50-50): Made up of 50% of AAA # 1 quality and 50% of AA # 2 quality. Considered by customers as good quality clothing at a good price.

AA #2:  Quality where the use of the pieces is more noticeable, still preserving its color and style.


A #3: Third in quality and considered as the economic line.  The clothes have had greater use. Potential risks of appearance of stains, holes may happen due to the use of the items.

2. Price

The total price is listed on the invoice and due prior to shipping the merchandise.

3. Order

STEP 1: Pacinca will provide detailed information about the bales of recycled clothing, and we will clarify any questions associated with the placing of the order. 

STEP 2: We will prepare a Proforma/Invoice for the customer to review and approve. Through the ordering process, we work collaboratively with the customer. We can make suggestions as to ways of shipping to different countries and even suggest certain shipping companies.  However, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to select and arrange for shipping of the merchandise.

STEP 3: Once we receive a 30% deposit on the value of the order on the invoice, we will give you an estimated date that your order will be ready for pick up or shipping, which is dependent on the complexity of your order.

NOTE: If we face an issue with the completion of your order or the merchandise is unavailable, we will notify you promptly, so that you may provide us additional time to complete the order or substitute merchandise or product.   From time to time, there may be instances between the time an order is placed, and a proforma/invoice is generated that we need to make adjustments to your order. We ask that you extend us the courtesy to allow us the opportunity to substitute merchandise if necessary. If a substitution or change to your order is required, we will advise you and allow you the opportunity to approve the change.

STEP 4: When the order is ready for pick up or shipping, we will inform you so that your shipping company can pick up the order. Importantly, we do not deliver any orders until the customer has paid the invoice in full.

STEP 5: Loading process: Depending on the method of pick up or delivery, if the customer elects to ship via a container, photographs of the loading process of the merchandise onto the container are available per request.

If the merchandise is being shipped internationally, you will need to know how to retrieve your purchased merchandise out of customs.  We will advise you generally of the necessary paperwork at the time your order is placed.  However, keep in mind that you should learn the customs and trade regulations for the country to which you plan to ship the merchandise.  We will provide you certain documents as follows:

· The pallets identification of your order, as the production of the pallet was completed.

· A commercial invoice.

· A detailed document of the loaded container (Packing List) and Bill of Lading.

· Photos of your merchandise on the pallets and photos on the day of loading until the container is closed if your merchandise is being transported, if requested.


Note: We provide the above-mentioned documentation only when the customer requests same, and we will promptly respond to any inquiries, but it is the customer’s sole responsibility to know about the shipping and importing requirements, all costs associated with obtaining the documentation and meeting the regulatory requirements for shipping, and anything else associated with the delivery of the merchandise once the order is complete and paid for.

Among the documents that are frequently needed by our customers include:

·    The Certificate of Origin.

·    The Certificate of Fumigation.

·   Apostille of the Chancellery of their respective country.

· Shipment of the original documents by DHL, FedEx, or UPS so that you can use them for customs.

Note: These documents are provided with an extra charge, according to the company used to facilitate those.

4. Down Payment

A 30% deposit is required upon placing an order with Pacinca, which can be paid by credit or with debit card, wire transfer, bank check, PayPal or cash payment (the link is, please advise prior making this payment method.  The deposit is non-refundable unless the customer cancels the order within 24 hours of placing the order.

5. Final Payment

Final payment is due before the process of loading the merchandise. Your account must be completely paid before picking up your merchandise and the payment has to be cleared with our bank, Note: if you are paying with a personal or business check it will take up to 7 working days to clear, before picking the merchandise. The final payment is not refundable.

6. Payment Methods

Payments can be made through different ways: ACH or wire transfer, deposit in a branch, bank check or cashier's check, cash, Zelle, credit or debit card, Paypal.

Payment Instructions:

1)    ACH or wire transfer:  Your sales representative will provide you all the information needed to process your transaction effectively. We have bank accounts at Wells Fargo, City National Bank of Florida and BHD Leon Bank in the Dominican Republic.

Note: Before processing the transaction through this via, we strongly recommend to verify with your bank the charges associated in the process of this payment. On our behalf there are not any other charges, except for the ones your bank may apply for wire transfers.


2)    Deposit in a branch: Your sales representative will provide you all the information needed to process your transaction effectively. We have bank accounts at Wells Fargo, City National Bank of Florida and BHD Leon Bank in the Dominican Republic.


3)    Payments through Zelle application: Your sales representative will provide you all the information needed to process your transaction effectively to our account at the City National Bank of Florida.


4)    Payment through checks or cashier's checks:  Payments through this via will be considered valid and accepted once the payment is fully reflected in our bank account.

Note: The validation of this payment into our account may take a few days.


5)    Cash payment: This can be made personally at our main branch located at 3737 NW 53rd ST. Miami, FL. 33142.


6)    Payment through credit or debit cards: Your sales representative will provide you all the information needed to process your transaction effectively. Using this via, the total amount due will have an additional charge of 3.5%.


7)    Paypal: Using this via, the total amount due will have an additional charge of 4.5%.



7. Delivery Terms

You are welcome to pick up your order at our store or arrange for pickup of your merchandise from our store.

Note: If the customer can not load his container or pick up the merchandise on the date set and agreed by both parties,  the company will provide a 24hr grace period at no charge. After it, a storage charge will be added to the customer's order. The storage extra fee goes as follows: 

Small bale order storage : $50 USD per day.

Big bale order storage: $100 USD per day.


We do not dispatch any orders until the customer has paid the fees in full.

8. Shipping and Risk

Once your merchandise is picked up at our store, the risk of loss shifts to the customer and we assume no responsibility for any issues thereafter, including issues associated with shipping and transportation of the goods.

*Important Information to all Customers, Logistics & Transportation Companies:

• We are not responsible for any loaded vans, trucks or containers left unpicked after the time programmed or agreed between Pacas Internacionales (PACINCA) and the transportation company.


• After hours vans, trucks or containers will have a fee of $100 USD that will be applied per day. This fee will be charged to the customer. Vans, trucks, or containers will not be free to go until this payment is made. No distinction, no exceptions.

9. Condition of Merchandise

Customers recognize that all goods are sold in an “as is” condition without any representation or warranties.  Because of the used and/or recycled nature of the merchandise, the merchandise may be stained, discolored, torn or have imperfections.  Pacinca does not warrant the condition of the goods.

10. Return Policy

Pacinca does not accept any returns of merchandise or exchanges. The customer can visit our store prior to purchasing any merchandise to inspect the quality of the merchandise. No deposits or payments will be refunded.

11. Limitation on Liability

Pacinca is not responsible for any loss once the merchandise is picked up at our store.  The customer is responsible for confirming that the merchandise purchased from Pacinca can be exported to and imported to the country of destination. The customer is legally responsible for compliance with the custom and tax regulations of the country of destination.

12. Reselling

Pacinca is aware that the merchandise purchased by a customer is likely to be resold.  Pacinca disclaims any responsibility and liability related to the merchandise once it is picked up at our store.

13.   Order Cancellation and Cancellation fee

A 24-hour grace period is given once an order is placed.  If you disagree with the terms of this agreement, the customer may cancel the order without penalty within 24 hours of placing it. The deposit will be refunded fully within 1-2 business days. Customers cancelling an order must contact Pacinca directly to cancel and request their deposit be refunded.

14.      Cancellation Fee

If you cancel your order after the 24-hour grace period, your deposit will not be refunded.

15.      Governing Law

This order shall be governed and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of the state of Florida and the United Nations Convention for the International Sale of Goods. The Parties agree that the exclusive venue for resolving any dispute arising from this agreement shall be in the state or federal court located in Miami-Dade, Florida.

16. Important note

Every product manufactured by PACINCA  will be sealed with the company's  label . These labels show 3 different information about the  product:

1) The product weight ( in pounds and kilograms).

2) The product's name.

3) The quality of the product. 


Pacas Internacionales PACINCA Used Clothing is not responsible or will take participation of any removal, changes or alteration of our original label .

17.     Information about Payment Methods and (credit or debit card charges)

Certain Bank charges associated with credit or debit card payment may apply. Please inquire as to the charges if you are paying by credit or with debit card. THERE ARE NO OTHER COSTS, except the ones your bank may apply when processing payments or transfers. You may also make payments via Paypal, cash, wire transfers, bank check, credit card or direct deposit to our bank account.

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