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PACINCA sorts and grades hundreds of thousands of pounds every week. We export all types of used clothing grades for your market, very carefully  processed by our skilled and experienced staff, to ensure and maintain our quality standard.
Our strength is working with containers. We load over a 26,204.00 kg (540 bales of 100 pounds) in a 40' container and 12,480.00 Kg (220 bales of 100 pounds) in a 20' container.

Payment Method:

We work on the basis of a deposit which can be by credit or debit card, bank deposit, PayPal (the link is

Note: Payments made with credit cards and checks will be considered deposits after they are reflected in the balance of our account.

Shipping Method:

We are not a shipping company, but even though we are not a shipping company, we may suggest companies that have previously or frequently used our customers, likewise feel free to look for a shipping company of your choice.

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