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Dedicated to the sort and classification of second hand clothing.
Who is Pacinca?
Who is Pacinca?
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What are Big Bales?
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PACINCA sorts and grades hundreds of thousands of pounds every week. We export all types of used clothing grades for your market, very carefully  processed by our skilled and experienced staff, to ensure and maintain our quality standard.
Our strength is working with containers. We load over a 26,204.00 kg (540 bales of 100 pounds) in a 40' container and 12,480.00 Kg (220 bales of 100 pounds) in a 20' container.

 1- Small Bales

1- What is the size of a Small Bale?

Bales are 18 x 18 x 30 inches or 1 ½ x 1 ½ x 2 ½ feet approx.

2- Are the amount of items according to the type of bale?

Yes, it depends on the types of merchandise they have at the end, the weight of the bales would be about 100 pounds.

3- How many pieces does a small bale have?

For example,

• A mixed adult bale could have approximately 200 pieces or less.

• A child bale could have up to 450 pieces of clothing approx.

• An adult winter could have 130 pieces of clothing approx.

• Bale of baby and children winter ,250 pieces of clothing approx.

• Bales of shirts for men 180 pieces of clothing approx.

• Bales of women jeans about 85 pieces of clothing approx.

• Bales of men jeans about 65 pieces of clothing approx.

Note: These numbers are only estimates, to provide an idea. The exact amount of pieces in a bale will depend on the size and  weight of each garment in a bale. 

4- Do you take care of my delivery?

Customers are responsible to make all the diligence regarding their merchandise shipping.

5- When is my order ready? How long does it take for an order to be ready?

It all depends on the quantities of bales and the complexity of your order. We complete the orders in accordance with the day an order is placed, and the deposit is paid. When the customer pays the deposit, the customer is given an approximate date in which your order will be ready. This is remarkably close to reality but there might be some changes on your order and have it ready a little sooner or later, but you will always be updated with any possible change.

6- Do you have bales of specific and recognized brands?

We do not classify according to name brands of clothing. We classify or categorize the clothing by the quality. If you buy a bale of recycled clothing of a higher quality grade, you may find more recognized brands than if you buy a bale of clothing with a lesser quality grade.

7- Do you sell bales of shoes and purses?

Yes. The shoes we sell may be credential or institutional, and the quality shoe grade is either A or B. The shoes are sold ‘as is’, the credential shoes are sold in pairs and we carry athletic, casual and semi-casual shoes and mixed in gender (woman, man and children). You may receive shoes that appear new because they were department store returns and generally the shoes are in good condition. We sell a minimum of 650 pounds and the sales price is as well by the pound.

Purses are also sold by the pound, in bags or boxes. You will receive a combination of backpacks, wallets, and handbags. We sell the purses in increments of 100 lbs. or more.

8- What other products do you sell?

We come out with great offers during the year, liquidation overstock products that need to be moved quickly are great deals.

We have Especial Plus Sizes Premium Bales and AAA #1.

Medical Uniforms: We sell bales of medical uniforms in small bales of 100 pounds / 45 kg. Quality AAA # 1 and AA # 2 include pieces of different sizes and good quality including many new, or as new, different colors and types.

We also carry various seasonal products like Winter, Blankets, Wedding Gowns, Costumes, Baby and Children clothing Blankets, etc., you can always contact us for availability.

9- Do you sell bales of children's clothes alone?

No. The bales of children's clothes come out of production in smaller quantities, but nevertheless, they are highly requested, that is why we must sell them in orders with mixed or other bales.

10- How many bales fit in a container?

-A 20' container of summer clothes holds about 220 – 240 bales of 100 lbs. each.

-A 20' container of winter clothing holds about 200 – 210 bales of 100 lbs. each.

-A 40' container of summer clothes holds about 520 -540 bales of 100 lbs. each.

-A 40' container of winter clothes holds about 480 -500 bales of 100 lbs. each.

11- What documents do I need to enter bales into my country?

Each country has different customs requirements for importing merchandise.

It is the customer’s responsibility to know all required and documents needed by the destination country.

12- Do you charge taxes?

No. All the prices are inclusive of sales taxes.

13- Can I go and visit your company?

Customers are always welcome to visit our company, we encourage them to make an appointment to visit our warehouse and better understand our sorting process and detailed classification. We are located at 3737 NW 53rd Street, Miami, Florida 33142, USA.


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