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PACINCA sorts and grades hundreds of thousands of pounds every week. We export all types of used clothing grades for your market, very carefully  processed by our skilled and experienced staff, to ensure and maintain our quality standard.
Our strength is working with containers. We load over a 26,204.00 kg (540 bales of 100 pounds) in a 40' container and 12,480.00 Kg (220 bales of 100 pounds) in a 20' container.

Frequent Q&A's:


1- Quality of Clothing    

  • Premium: Items look like new. You could find different styles of fashion, brands and vivid colors.
  • AAA #1: Considered as regular number one. Items have had less use which look in very good condition.
  •   AA #2:  Second in use, but keeping their colors and different styles, you can notice the used. 
  •     A #3: Third in quality and considered as the economic line.  The use is more noticeable than any other quality. Potential risks of appearance of  stains, holes may happen due to the use of the items.


 2- Small Bales

a) How big is a small bale?

Bales are 18 x 18 x 30 inches or 1 ½ x 1 ½ x 2 ½ feet

b) Are the quantities of parts dependent on the type of bale?

Yes, it depends on the types of clothes they have, at the end, the weight of the bales would be about 100 pounds.

c) How many pieces does a small bale have?

For example, 

  • A mixed adult bale can have approximately 200 pieces or less.  
  • A child bale can have up to 350 Pieces approximately.  
  • An adult winter can have 130 Pieces approximately.   
  • One of winter child 250 pieces approximately.   
  • Bales of shirts for men 180 pieces approximately.    
  • Bales of women jeans about 85 pieces.  
  • Bales of men jeans about 65 pieces approximately.     


3- When is my order ready?

It all depends on the quantities of bales and the complexity of your order. We work in the order of deposits and by the calendar. When the client makes the deposit is given an approximate date in which your order will be ready. This is very close to reality but you can change and be your order a little sooner or later. 


4- Do you have bales for specific and recognized brands?

We do not make classifications by brands, in all qualities of bales will find brands recognized because we do not classify brand but by quality, obviously in the bale of best quality you will find the best current and recognized brands.


5- Do you sell bales of shoes and purses?

Yes. The shoe we have can be credential or institutional, it is quality shoe grade A and B. Very good condition, everything in pairs Sports, Shoes for Women, Shoes for men and child. They appear new or store return, but generally in good condition. The minimum we sell is a shoe box of 650 pounds and the price is per pound.

Purses are sold by the pound, in bags or boxes, come mixed such as backpacks, wallets, and handbags. These are sold from 100 pounds onwards.


6- What other products do you sell?

Big sizes and premium AAA #1 

Medical Uniforms: We have bales of medical uniforms in small bales of 100 pounds / 45 kg. Quality AAA # 1 and AA # 2 about 580 pieces of different sizes and good quality including many new, or as new, different colors and types.

We have different products that are seasonal or opportunity you can always contact us for availability.


7- Do you sell bales of children clothes alone? 

No. The bales of children clothes come out of production in smaller quantity, but nevertheless, they are much requested, that is why we must sell them in orders with mixed or other bales.


8- How many bales fit in a container?

In a 20' container easily enter about 220 bales of Summer clothes all have 100 pounds each

In a 20' container easily enter about 200 bales of Winter clothing all have 100 pounds each

In a 40' container, they fit easily 520 bales of summer clothes all have 100 pounds

In a 40' container, they fit easily about 500 bales of summer clothes all have 100 pounds


9- What documents do I need to enter bales into my country?

Each country has different requirements for the entry of goods by customs. 

It is necessary and responsibility of the client to know well the documentation required by the destination country.


10- Do you charge taxes?

We don't charge taxes. All the prices are final.


11- Can I go and visit your company?

You are always welcome to our company, after contacting us, you can schedule a visit with us when you like the address is 3737 NW 53rd St. Miami. FL 33142


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