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Variety in Bales or Boxes


Diamond Box: New or like new clothes, many pieces come with their original ticket, excellent condition and summer clothes.


Premium Quality: Items look like new. You could find different styles of fashion, brands and vivid colors.



AAA#1 Quality: Considered as regular number one. Items have had less use which look in very good condition.




AAA #1 & AA #2 Quality: Considered a mix of two qualities, for this reason son pieces would look more used than others.


AA #2 Quality: Second in use, but keeping their colors and different styles, you can notice the used.



 From the purchase of 20 bales we begin to offer discounts.


All used clothing of any grade has a percentage of error, stain, holes and or tear; normal for this type of business. Our percentage is approximately 6%. All sales are final and the clothes are sold as is, no warranty and no guaranty expressed or implied, no refund and no exchange. Once an order is placed we can’t stop grading or the selection process this is why the deposit is not refundable or transferable. 

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