Tropical Mix A #3

1,250 Pounds / 567 Kg per Big Bale


$13,000 USD x 40’ Container


Clothing grade A #3 of summer clothes, also known as Tropical Mix

It's a precise mixture of a good combination of the most sought aftermarket parts are placed; armed each bale proportionally so that all are equal in proportions and do not miss any items.

 Tropical summer Mix big bales Used clothing clothes

  Tropical summer Mix big bales Used clothing clothes


Container Sales; Specifications

Tropical mix big bales of 1,250 pounds (567 Kg) with a price of $0.23 x pound.

A 40’ HC container can hold approximately 46 bales, this will make 57,500 pounds approx.


All used clothing of any grade has a percentage of error, stain, holes and or tear; normal for this type of business. Our percentage is approximately 6%. All sales are final and the clothes are sold as is, no warranty and no guaranty expressed or implied, no refund and no exchange. Once an order is a place we can’t stop grading or the selection process this is why the deposit is not refundable or transferable.

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